National Storage Affiliates Trust

Board of Trustees

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Mark Van Mourick


Mark Van Mourick has over 4 decades of experience as a leading wealth manager and real estate investor. Mr. Van Mourick established Optivest Wealth Management in 1987, managing the investment portfolios of several of the nation’s wealthiest families. In 2007, he and Mr. Warren Allan founded Optivest Properties to buy self storage facilities and operate them under the name of RightSpace Storage. In 2012 Optivest Properties joined with NorthWest and SecurCare to form National Storage Affiliates (NSA), which went public in 2015; Mr. Van Mourick has been a board member since inception. He retired in 2019 to pursue his philanthropic passions via The Optivest Foundation. In addition to his expertise in stocks and finance, he is the author of “Cash Out, Cash In – The After Success Investment Guide” and has served on the executive boards of numerous companies and nonprofit entities. Mr. Van Mourick is a graduate of the University of Southern California with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Finance and Business Management.