Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2016
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
Self Storage Property Acquisitions
In January and February 2017, the Company acquired five self storage properties for approximately $31.8 million. Consideration for these acquisitions included approximately $26.6 million of net cash and OP equity of approximately $5.0 million (consisting of the issuance of 174,694 OP Units and 47,332 subordinated performance units) and the assumption of $0.2 million of other working capital liabilities. Of these acquisitions, two were acquired by us from our PROs and three were acquired by us from third-party sellers. In connection with these acquisitions, the Company reimbursed the PROs for $0.1 million of due diligence costs related to the self storage properties sourced by the PROs.
In February 2017, the Company entered into definitive agreements with an affiliate of Shader Brothers Corporation d/b/a Personal Mini Storage ("Personal Mini") of Orlando, Florida, to add Personal Mini as the Company's eighth PRO. As part of the agreements, Personal Mini contributed approximately $7.0 million of cash to the Company in exchange for subordinated performance units. The Company's chairman and chief executive officer, Arlen D. Nordhagen, has a noncontrolling minority ownership interest in Personal Mini.
Credit Facility Increase
 On February 8, 2017, pursuant to a partial exercise by the Company's operating partnership of its expansion option under its amended and restated credit agreement dated as of May 6, 2016, the Company's operating partnership, as borrower, certain of its subsidiaries that are party to the credit facility, as subsidiary guarantors, and the Company, as parent guarantor, entered into a second increase agreement and amendment with a syndicated group of lenders to increase the total borrowing capacity under the Term Loan A and Term Loan B by $10.0 million and $55.0 million, respectively, and to provide a new tranche C term loan facility ("Term Loan C") in an aggregate outstanding principal amount of $105.0 million, which, in the aggregate, increase the total borrowing capacity by $170.0 million for a total credit facility of $895.0 million consisting of the following components: (i) a $400.0 million Revolver, (ii) Term Loan A, which now provides for a total borrowing commitment of up $235.0 million, (iii) Term Loan B, which now provides for a total borrowing commitment of up to $155.0 million and (iv) Term Loan C, which provides for a total borrowing commitment of up to $105.0 million. The Company continues to have an expansion option under the credit facility, which, if exercised in full, would provide for a total credit facility of $1.0 billion.
The Term Loan C matures on February 8, 2024. It is not subject to any scheduled reduction or amortization payment prior to maturity. Interest rates applicable to loans under Term Loan C are determined based on a 1, 2, 3 or 6 month LIBOR period (as elected by the Company at the beginning of any applicable interest period) plus an applicable margin or a base rate, determined by the greatest of the Key Bank prime rate, the federal funds rate plus 0.50% or one month LIBOR plus 1.00%, plus an applicable margin. The applicable margins for Term Loan C are leverage based and range from 1.70% to 2.25% for LIBOR loans and 0.70% to 1.25% for base rate loans; provided that after such time as the Company achieves an investment grade rating from at least two rating agencies, the Company may elect (but is not required to elect) that Term Loan C is subject to the rating based on applicable margins ranging from 1.50% to 2.45% for LIBOR Loans and 0.50% to 1.45% for base rate loans. Prepayments of any loans under Term Loan C are subject to prepayment premiums of 2.00% from the date of the Increase Agreement through and including the first anniversary of the Increase Agreement and 1.00% from the first anniversary of the Increase Agreement through and including the second anniversary of the Increase Agreement. There is no prepayment penalty thereafter.
Other than the increases and amendments related to Term Loan C described above, the Increase Agreement did not impact or amend the Credit Agreement's previously disclosed terms, including its covenants, events of default, or terms of payment.