Development Path Of NSA

Deeply Rooted Operating History

Pro Formation and Institutionalization


  • 1973Move It predecessor founded
  • 1977Northwest and Hide-Away founded
  • 1982Personal Mini predecessor founded
  • 1988SecurCare founded
  • 1989Storage Solutions founded
  • 1999Guardian founded
  • 2007Optivest founded
  • 2007Raised initial institutional capital through SecurCare predecessor

NSA Formation and Growth


  • 2012Agreement in principle reached by three founding PROs: SecurCare, Northwest and Optivest
  • 2013NSA formed
  • 20144th PRO: Guardian
  • 20145th PRO: Move It
  • 20156th PRO: Storage Solutions
  • 2015Successful IPO
  • 20167th PRO: Hide-Away
  • 2016JV formation / iStorage acquisition
  • 20178th PRO: Personal Mini Storage
  • 20199th PRO: Southern Self Storage
    10th PRO: Moove In Self Storage