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About National Storage Affiliates


National Storage Affiliates is a self-administered, self-managed real estate investment trust, dedicated to the ownership, operation and acquisition of self storage facilities. Through ongoing contributions from its Participating Regional Operators ("PROs") and third party acquisitions, NSA currently owns interests in and operates 455 self storage facilities located in 23 states with approximately 28 million rentable square feet. NSA is the sixth largest owner and operator of self storage facilities among public and private companies in the U.S.

455Self Storage Properties

23States In the US


28Million Rentable Square Feet

National Storage Affiliates is focused on growing through the integration of best-in-class regional operators with self storage properties located in markets with strong fundamentals in the top 100 MSAs throughout the United States.


  • Large, geographically diversified portfolio with 455 self storage properties located across 23 states
  • Our size and geographic diversification reduce risks associated with specific local or regional economies

Why NSA?

National Storage Affiliates creates an opportunity for private operators to enjoy many of the benefits previously available only to our publicly traded colleagues.

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NSA Growth Strategy

Learn more about NSA's differentiated, growth oriented strategy that has led to its proven track record of growth

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NSA has a experienced seasoned management team that has over a 100 years of industry experience combined